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Why Us?

As a large centre of excellence in Performing Arts, we at the Ann Oliver Stage School help children to achieve and develop their true potential in a nurturing and friendly environment filled with a mixture of imagination, creativity and discipline, all at the forefront of our teaching.

In many disciplines, the school provides passionate and safe teaching, believing that the enjoyment and wellbeing of the pupils is paramount. We offer classes for both girls and boys, from the age of two upwards of all abilities ensuring that all of our pupils get a solid technical grounding in all areas of dance and theatre.

  • Events

    1. November 30 - December 1
      Championship Finals 2019

      For all students who have competed and gained 1st or...

  • We`ve Got Rhythm

    16th - 18th May 2019

    The Ann Oliver Stage School presents its annual spectacular ‘We`ve Got Rhythm`. The students performing start from the age of two onwards, all displaying wonderful talent, making a magical evening of entertainment.